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Evaluate your performance with multiple resources for collaborative analysis and inconsistency checking and ensure accurate numbers


No more lost emails: create review streams with history and don't rely on information holders

Assign information review to those responsible and manage the tasks, defining deadline, urgency level and comments directed to the points of attention


Evaluate management structures with flexibility and enhance the indicators' analysis to identify opportunities

Compare account and cost centers participation in financial statements and how they evolve over time to set goals and cost reductions.


We notify inconsistencies identified by intelligent crossings and help you raise possible errors in Accounting

Find out when the triangulation of assets, liabilities and equity does not close and know each new account created, among other intersections, in an automated way

For us Accountfy is synonymous with data organization. The platform made it easier to read our numbers, helping us close the month, in addition to Real x Budget and identifying errors. With Accountfy we have more reliable numbers, the reason why this tool is part of our daily routine.
Roberto Rocha – Órama CFO


Facilitate the interpretation of the numbers with comments and have support to answer questions when reporting

Create line-by-line comments, including reasons and status, and have more control over the period’s results.


Do you want to manage goals or track when expenses go beyond what you planned? We notify you when a condition is met!

Set up automatic alerts, percentage or absolute, to control budgets, income and expenses.


Perform management adjustments with traceability of users and reasons

Have a commented history of changes to justify inconsistencies and attach documents to facilitate understanding of the values’ composition

Bring digital transformation to your Finance department