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Find out how Bx Group leveraged its service capacity and reduced up to 32x the time spent generating strategic reports

Victor Muracami, Accounting Department’s parter, tells how Accountfy has been essential in the company’s daily routine

About Bx Group

Bx Group is a company that operates in the areas of business consultancy, financial consultancy, tax consultancy and outsourcing with a focus on serving small and medium-sized companies, in order to guide and assist entrepreneurs in the decision-making process, maximizing their focus on the business.


Challenges to add value to the services offered by the consultancy

With several clients, in contexts and with specific demands, Bx Group felt the need for a tool that could help them gain agility to:

  • automate the generation of financial statements and;
  • customize deliveries to the specifics of each client.

Bx Group works in a startup format, with a lean structure in which the partners are directly linked to the operation. In this context, the optimization of time with the automation of manual tasks is essential – as it frees the team to respond quickly to customer demands, delivering an increasingly robust and strategic service, as well as for the management of the company itself, in continuous growth.

Daily, activities are already intense, but in closing periods, demand grows exponentially and requires that the service be delivered in the shortest possible time.


How process automation ensures quality and time savings

Victor, when considering the size and particularity of one of his clients, with partners in Colombia, says that he had an extra challenge of adding, in addition to the amount of information, the currency variation on the reports.

He got to know Accountfy through the majority partner of the Group and quickly saw the benefit that the platform could bring to the business, meeting their most urgent needs.

With the platform, the activities of generating this specific client’s financial statements and reports, which previously required about a full day of work, started to be carried out in just 15 minutes, reducing by 32 (thirty-two) times the time initially spent, even with the particularities demanded by the additional exchange factor mentioned above.

"I found out that within the same 15 minutes needed to generate the financial statements, with the parameterization, charts and presentations are also created automatically, activities that I would take another 4 (four) hours of work to prepare."
Victor Muracami – Partner at Bx Group

Serving customers in a personalized way requires tools that allow such customization

More than organizational specificities, which require reporting to different audiences, each company has its own way of organizing data and preferences to be considered in deliveries. For this reason, the ability of consultancies to deliver a service along the lines demanded is important to add value to the service offered.

With the Accountfy platform, Muracami simplified the entire generation of information, meeting the needs of the customer. There are several reports, each with specific indexes and with the dashboards, models and formulas that Accountfy makes available. Thus, it was possible to ensure that additional reports were generated quickly and in the format the customer demanded.

"It is the change I needed and I want to implement it in other projects as well. For this moment, it already serves me in 150% of what I needed."
Victor Muracami – Partner Bx Group

Muracami further states that, without Accountfy, about 50% of their revenue would be compromised, as he would not have the time he has today to dedicate himself to customers – since, even as a partner, he works actively in the operation. Considering also the chaotic context of the economy, in which accountability started to be even more in demand, Accountfy became a strategic partner of the company for reliable, robust and deliveries adapted to the needs of each costumer.

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