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Read about Vogler, the relevance of stakeholders and how partners like Accountfy can help mould your company's culture

Erick Mendes, financial leader at Vogler, examines the importance of trusting the right partners to help handle your company’s financial tasks and responsibilities


About Vogler

Vogler has operated within the distribution sector of the food industry for over 31 years, with a primary focus on ingredients. The company values good relationships with suppliers, customers and employees, and has a well-defined organizational culture.

The main challenges in the financial governance at Vogler

In 2018, Vogler, like many other firms, employed manual controllership processes, with excessive use of spreadsheets. They decided to invest in the development of a business intelligence (BI) system for the controllership area.

The tool, which was already in use in other areas of the company, started to be implemented in the financial department, with the expectation that it would automate numerous functions, such as accounting closures and financial reports.

It was at this time that Vogler learned about Accountfy. While they recognized that the platform could meet their needs, the company chose to continue developing its own internal business intelligence system.

After a couple of years, expectations had not been met by the BI system. Despite providing dynamic and flexible visualization, the system did not incorporate accounting intelligence, which often required Vogler to contract third parties to carry out changes and system maintenance.

“With BI, you depend a lot on developers to create analyses, indicators and presentations. But with Accountfy, you quickly construct those visualizations for more precise and automatic reports.”
Erick Mendes – Financial Leader at Vogler

They eventually opted to try working with Accountfy, a platform backed by accounting intelligence. The result was an increase in the efficiency of their reporting and a reduction in the total time needed to complete closures.

Mendes shares that he has seen additional advantages to having the support of a team specializing in accounting. For instance, he states that Vogler has benefited from helpful suggestions on ways to improve internal processes.

The acquisition process of a SaaS platform

We know the process of choosing a tool that aids in carrying out delicate functions such as accounting is a very stringent, sometimes stressful ordeal. It is always our aim to make sure that we will be able to meet your company’s needs and, ideally, foster cooperation among stakeholders, thus increasing synergy.


The next steps at Vogler

Vogler is now able to complete its entire accounting closure based on the balance sheet and ledger. Additionally, with Accountfy’s financial modeling module, they are able to access management indicators, such as accounts receivable and indicators for loans.

The next step is to transition their entire budget planning process to Accountfy, thus gaining access to all the company’s figures on a single platform.

“The Accountfy commercial team adhered to the project to help optimize the process at Vogler, and, from sale to implementation, we had an excellent experience with Accountfy.”
Erick Mendes – Financial Leader at Vogler

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