A challenging consolidation of companies

With a well-structured financial area, the challenge is to respect deadlines and standards for recurring audits due to the financial volume and relevance in the market. To ensure the consistency and precision required in this procedure, XP Inc. looked for tools to make the consolidation of its companies more agile and secure.

XP Inc

“The XP Inc. group has more than 60 companies. Thus, customizing access to financial statements was key for hiring Accountfy.”

Amanda Oliviero
Reporting Analyst, XP Inc.

The challenge

XP’s main challenge was to consolidate the accounting information of its several companies into a single system, standardize its accounting procedures, and automate its financial reports and the generation of regulatory information for the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM).

Accountfy helped XP meet these demands, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of its financial procedures.

“In the past, when we had to implement any adjustments inherent to consolidation, we required the support of a programmer. Accountfy allows us to do this without the help from anyone else.

Bernardo Ferreira
Reporting Coordinator, XP Inc.

Review of financial information and reporting to stakeholders

With our platform, based on the Balance Sheet or Ledger, XP Inc. could assess the performance of investees in a reliable, collaborative, and fully automated way.

Therefore, the client’s accounting and financial procedures were streamlined, and data was centralized in a single source

More reliable monitoring and presentations

Accountfy helps to identify any discrepancies between financial statements and management reports, preventing errors in management reports that could adversely affect financial management.

For analyst Amanda Oliviero, “Using a system is safer, since audits provide that any information entered in a spreadsheet is subject to human error”.

Thus, Accountfy and XP Inc. work together to fully automate information review and the standardize the presentation of the results.

Want to do like XP Inc.?

Automate the consolidation procedure with accurate numbers.
With our platform, your business automate the Financial Reporting and ensure standardized documents with all integrated data

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