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Find out how Fleury Group has optimized the closing of 5 consolidating groups with Accountfy’s help

Gisele Schneider and Weberthon Nunes, from the Controllership and Tax department, tell how the platform has been an ally in ensuring agility in the area’s routines

About Fleury Group

Fleury Group is composed of approximately 216 units of the Fleury Medicina e Saúde brands, a+ Medicina Diagnóstica, Weinmann Laboratory, a+ Labs, Felippe Mattoso Clinic, Diagnoson a+, Weinmann Serdil, Institute of Radiology, Campana, Cedire, Clinical Pathology Center , Diagmax, LAFE, Inlab, Papaiz and SantéCorp.

Through these brands, they are present in the markets of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Distrito Federal and Maranhão.

Challenges to gain agility and security with numbers at financial closings

The process of closing large companies usually involves several difficulties, such as checking numbers, searching for information, processes with heavy spreadsheets, in addition to exchanging emails between employees to ensure that the correct numbers are delivered.

“[Accountfy brought] confidence in the numbers presented. The review process, which was very exhausting, became much easier ... Not having Accountfy would not be sustainable. We would not be able to [close] all these companies in Excel and, at the end of the day, continue with such a fast closing.”
Gisele Schneider – Sr. Controllership and Tax Manager at Fleury Group

Fleury Group, with 5 (five) consolidating groups and several companies under its umbrella, faced challenges to achieve a fast and secure closing, so it sought to:

  • automate the consolidation processes of economic groups;
  • greater agility and traceability in the revision and confirmation of numbers.


Financial statements and consolidation of economic groups in seconds

Gisele Schneider, Sr. Manager of Controllership and Taxes of the Group, and Weberthon, Coordinator of the same area, tell how Accountfy not only helped them to reduce the closing processes of 5 consolidating groups, but also started guaranteeing security in numbers, a risk inherent to the use of spreadsheets, as was the case before.

“Accountfy is the 1st automation made in the Finance Directorate. It is the first step towards a new era of automation of processes here ... with accounting moving from a more operational model to a more analytical one.”
Gisele Schneider – Sr. Controllership and Tax Manager at Fleury Group

The automation brought by the platform also allowed the cash flow, previously produced only around the fourth business day, to not only be automatically produced on the first, but also that it could be done for all companies in the group, a task before impossible, given the amount of information and processes that would be needed.


The process of data reviews and confirmations has become faster and traceable

In addition to helping to ensure governance, allowing employees to stop wasting time with manual tasks and to dedicate themselves to more strategic and analytical activities, Accountfy also contributed to making analytical processes clearer and more agile.

“Previously, I used to make comments and it was very difficult to control what was or was not answered, and also difficult to know which was the last number validated, considering so many emails. Now it's much easier, because the process is all done on the platform, with notifications and we are able to keep the comments and revisions history there.”
Gisele Schneider – Sr. Controllership and Tax Manager at Fleury Group

Other tools widely used by the Fleury team and offered by the platform are comments – with them, any Financial Statement numbers, reports, or graphics produced on the platform can be commented, helping in the interpretation and understanding of information – and the revision workflow, which allows responsible people to be selected to answer questions, with those involved being notified by email for each novelty and also maintaining a history of responses to facilitate follow-up.

Next steps in optimizing the department’s routines

There are other resources offered by the platform that are not yet being fully used by the Group. Gisele says that dashboards and presentations are some of those modules they want to make the most of it in order to always have the main updated indicators at hand, also seeking to expand the use so that other areas of the company can benefit from these and other features, such as comparative panels Actual x Forecast and others.

“There is one point that makes Accountfy different: the knowledge of specialists in the accounting areas. It's a feedback from our teams, that the experts know what we're talking about.”
Gisele Schneider – Sr. Controllership and Tax Manager at Fleury Group
“When we have a question or a problem, they can assimilate and respond quickly. It seems that they feel the same pain as we do.”
Weberthon Nunes – Accounting and Tax Coordinator at Fleury Group

Gisele states that, soon, all the company’s main executives will have access to the platform, with information available whenever necessary to optimize processes prior to consolidation.

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