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Accountfy is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that facilitates companies’ financial management by transforming accounting data into managerial information for safer decision making. We are the right arm of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), covering robust deliveries of FP&A, Controllership and Accounting, with simple usability.

No! ERP is a software to assist in the operation of your business – through it, you control payments, manage to issue invoices and have visibility on company entries and exits.

Accountfy uses the accounting data generated by the ERP (Trial Balance or Reason) to generate strategic management information and help in the decision process with a 360º view of the results – with agility and confidence. We are complementary to ERP.

The amounts vary according to the business profile (accountants, consultants, companies and investment funds), the number of legal entities and the company’s management structure. With this data, a specialist will be able to assemble a customized proposal for your need.

With our platform you have the automation of financial statements (Income Statement, Balance, Cash Flow – direct and indirect, Budget planning, Forecast, Consolidation, Dashboards and presentation of results.

We offer solutions for companies of all segments and sizes, from startups to large companies, in addition to financial consultancies, accounting offices and investment funds.

As it is a SaaS platform, you only need internet to be able to access it through your computer, tablet or cell phone browser, at