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Monitor indicators

Track key performance indicators (KPIs) with sophisticated dashboards, easy to use and customizable to meet your particularities


What are your company's KPIs? We help you to keep them updated and always at your fingertips.

Notice trends with agility and know where to investigate to optimize results, with strategic and 100% customizable views.


Set a layout that helps to tell the story of your numbers, with access from wherever you are

You can set the number of columns and where each piece of information best fits – starting with a broad view.


There are five combined chart types for quick data reading

Serial (rows and columns), pizza, pareto, bridge or radar. After the first configuration, the numbers are instantly updated whenever you upload a new statement.


Categorize dashboards and keep each department aware of the numbers to avoid unnecessary alignments and gain productivity

More autonomy for employees and a data-driven culture

Practically, the entire organization of our financial data is on Accountfy. We use the platform for presentation to directors. We also use dashboards to analyze indicators.
Raphael Assayag – Confiance Medical CFO

Bring digital transformation to your Finance department