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Plan scenarios and risks

Have predictability over revenue, expenses and investments with native financial modeling resources and set clear goals for your company


Plan short and medium term results to set the company's objectives and priorities

Plan simplified and detailed scenarios, including by cost centers, with the possibility of copying information among already structured simulations.


Design the financial statements and make route adjustments to achieve the stated objectives

Organize the modeling in an agile way, applying several premises at once. Use categories and control the users who can view them.


Compare Actual with Forecast by the statements themselves

Compare the numbers with breaks for different personalized periods and percentage view of achievements.

Without Accountfy, we would not have the vision that we have of the company today. By using the platform, we started understanding the company better, also to be able to use and build our models [on the platform].
Rafaela Nissenbaum – Órama Head of Transformation and Results Management

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