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Plan scenarios and risks

Leverage predictability across revenue streams, expenses and investments using Accountfy’s native financial modeling to set clear goals for your company and limit risk exposure


Accountfy’s projections can help you help your company

Strategizing for the future is simplified using our platform’s detailed scenarios, which can be adjusted to factor in a wide range of variables according to your needs. Forecasting is streamlined and easy, allowing you to utilize information that you can transpose across an array of structured simulations.



Generate financial statements to define objectives and see how to accomplish them

Maximize your company’s agility and adaptiveness using versatile modeling. Our dynamic software allows you to apply multiple scenarios at once and organize them into categories that not only make them easier to navigate, but also control the users who can view them.


Compare your actual results with those predicted using the platform

Get a sense of how the numbers your company produced compare to the projections with customizable settings for different personalized periods, as well as a percentage view of your objectives.

Without Accountfy, we would not have the vision that we have of the company today. By using the platform, we started understanding the company better, also to be able to use and build our models [on the platform].
Rafaela Nissenbaum – Órama Head of Transformation and Results Management

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