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Accountfy All in One

Accountfy is All-in-One. A new platform concept with integrated solutions for several financial journey stages, by means of standalone products that fulfill your needs and your objectives.

More than numbers, results

Soluções - Workplace

Accountfy consolidates all the financial journey stages on a single integrated environment. With this, the platform eliminates the need for alternating between different systems and allows the companies to manage all their needs that involve finance on a single place.

This centralized and integrated access not only simplifies the processes, but also improves the precision, efficiency and security of the financial analyses, providing the leaders a clear and encompassing view of the company’s financial health for a better decision.

CEO and Co-Founder of Accountfy – Goldwasser Neto

Increase your corporate governance efficiency!

With the Accountfy Platform, your company gains time, efficiency and precision.

High level financial technology at everyone’s reach

We facilitate and potentialize Financial Governance in several at various levels. Any company, regardless of size, can ascertain, plan and report financial data on a fast, safe and reliable manner.

Platform thought out for finance professionals


Business Control



Rendering of Services




Your data protected with global security protocols

We know how much data security and cryptography is important. Because of that, we invest in cutting-edge technology to ensure the protection of your information.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

We use Google Cloud Platform to ensure information security, cryptography, access control and cost reduction with internal infrastructure.

Service Organization Controls (SOC 1 e SOC 2)

These are recognized standards of conformity for data management that reinforce our commitment with security, integrity and availability in the processing.

Make faster financial decisions and revolutionize your financial management with the Accountfy security and technology!

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