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Find out how Schioppa professionalized its financial management and improved strategic decision making

Mario Schioppa Neto, Partner-Director at the company, tells how Accountfy helped to centralize its financial information and provide indicators based on accounting data


About Schioppa

A fixture in the market for more over 70 years, Schioppa is the largest manufacturer of wheels and casters in Latin America. The company is the leading brand in the sector with the largest mix of products on the market, as well as a major provider of customized solutions. Located in São Paulo/SP, Schioppa Rodas e Rodízios do Brasil factory features a 10,000 m² industrial park and is equipped with modern machinery for large-scale production of a wide variety of wheels and casters for a range of customer needs.


Improving visualization and professionalizing financial management

According to Neto, the company started seeking solutions after identifying the following goals:

  • to professionalize financial management, using accounting data as a basis;
  • to optimize the visualization of KPIs and follow the results of the company in real time so they could make decisions based on reliable data.

Schioppa, despite all its strong foothold in Latin America, had always based its financial management solely on managerial reports – they hadn’t been considering the accounting data, which was analyzed only once or twice a year.

“Accountfy is the first step towards a more complete and accounting-based management. With it, we professionalized financial management in the company.”
Mario Schioppa Neto – Partner-Director at Schioppa

The challenge here was being able to see the company’s numbers and organize them effectively as there was no consolidated and automated information center. Neto also came to recognize the legitimate risk tied to having the company’s financial management entirely based on spreadsheets, which are notably susceptible to human error.


Management professionalization based on accounting data

Previously, the balance sheet analysis would take place only biannually or annually. Hiring Accountfy was a way of professionalizing and leveraging management, allowing for far more analyses and follow-up evaluations. This in turn offered a more complete picture of the company at all times.

“All the work I’ve started doing with Accountfy would require at least one or two more people to work with me, besides the great confidence I have in the solution.”
Mario Schioppa Neto – Partner-Director at Schioppa

When Schioppa’s Statements of Income started to incorporate accounting data in Accounty, as opposed to just managerial data, it resulted in more reliable performance analysis and an improved strategic overview of the business.


KPI visualization for a more accurate understanding of the company

Neto states that the Platform remains open in his browser 100% of the time and that he consults it for a range of decisions throughout his daily routine. He credits Accountfy’s financial modeling and the easy-to-use dashboards with continuous monitoring of relevant KPIs to the company’s success.

“If we wanted to open our capital today, the entire financial situation would be ready, thanks to the automation, centralization and organization that Accountfy provided, not to mention the fact that we started carrying out more periodic and complete monitoring, ensuring a more professional management.”

Mario Schioppa Neto – Partner-Director at Schioppa

With the pandemic, Neto explained that he was relieved to be able to rely on Accountfy when he eventually needed to contact banks, sharing that he was confident with the information he was presenting. With all the new information provided by the platform, Schioppa also started sending quarterly reports to their other partners, increasing the company’s transparency and trust in its governance.

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