Optimize the routine of your Treasury department

Strategic decisions of success depend on a good administration of your business’ cash flow and a highly effective financial management.

Perform activities with maximum efficiency

Get quality financial information for banks.

Elimine delays in the conciliations and difficulties in the daily projections.

Increase the predictability of the middle term projection.

Consult specific management structure modules.

Diretora - Tesouraria

You don’t have to organize yourself to implant Accountfy. On the contrary, it helps you to structure yourself and prioritize the points of improvement.

Cash Flow &

Debt Control

The very best of financial intelligence technology to optimize Cash Flow & Debt Control

Follow-up of cash flow and your projections with automatic updating.

Management Journal based on financial entries and bank statements to supply Income Statement and dashboards.

Debt modeling and management in a single place, with monitoring of amounts payable.

Automatic connection of the debt installments with the cash flow projections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Treasury solution?
An optimized solution for cash flow, debt control, invoicing, forex, insurance, credit risk management, risk management, investments and derivatives. 
What are the products that comprise the Treasury?

Each product has a set of modules with a number of functions. The Cash Flow product, which is a part of the Treasury solution, counts with the following modules: management structures, financial operations and daily cash flow. 

The Debt Control product, which also belongs to the Treasury solution, presents the module: debt management.

How to contract the Treasury solution?
Contact one of our specialists by WhatsApp to get more information about prices and benefits. You can still ask for a demonstration 100% free of charge to know how our solution works in practice.

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