Get a fully functional workplace

Everything that is generated is consolidated on a single work environment to speed up the management routine and governance.

Ensure high governance and flexibility

Integrate products to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Add files for specific contexts.

Evolve your integrated products with each other.

View a complete and intuitive platform environment.

Soluções - Workplace

You don’t have to organize yourself to implant Accountfy. On the contrary, it helps you to structure yourself and prioritize the points of improvement.

My Docs, My Spreads,

My Slides

The very best of financial intelligence technology to optimize Documents, Spreadsheets, Slides and Files.

Text editor fully integrated with the Accountfy data.

Automated spreadsheets, directly connected to the financial data source.

Presentations with transitions, animations, images, and flowcharts.

Easy-to-share file adder.

And more: repository of spreadsheets/presentations and recycle bin, access governance and management, connected data/content, advanced functions (power functions), customized viewing, model of tables for explanatory notes, links from tables, data editing directly on the document, connected tables, ample formatting, remarks and reviews, simultaneous access, updating of contents, repository of files in different formats and contextual folders, smart folder for implanting the client in the Accountfy platform and plugins connected to the folders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Workplace solution?
What are the products that comprise the Workplace?

Each product has a set of modules with a number of functions. The My Docs, My Spreads and My Slides products, which are a part of the Workplace solution, counts with the following modules: files and recycle bin.

The My Files product, presents, in addition to the “files and recycle bin” modules, the “favorites” module.

How to contract the Workplace solution?
Contact one of our specialists by WhatsApp to Get more information about prices and benefits. You can still ask for a demonstration 100% free of charge to know how our solution works in practice.

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