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Read about Yalo and how it made the process of generating management information from Accounting 8x faster and more efficient

Lucas Nabeiro, CFO of Yalo, talks about his experience with Accountfy


About Yalo

Yalo is dr. consulta’s subscription program and offers diversified plans that include discount options in pharmacies, from Droga Raia and Drogasil chains, and at Smartfit. In addition to face-to-face consultations, there is also a call center, which aims to allow access to quality medical care throughout the national territory.


Challenges for the dynamic financial management of a startup

As a startup, Yalo needs to be able to respond dynamically to market changes, making it essential for its financial department to have more

  • confidence in the quality of information and;
  • agility in generating reports for investors.

Yalo is served by an accounting firm, also responsible for managing the company’s financial statements. And Lucas Nabeiro says he felt a lack of autonomy to be able to work with information flexibly, generating indicators and timely analysis in a more agile way.

In the CFO position, he needs to have visibility of the company’s day-to-day to respond promptly to the demands of other departments and make management decisions with agility and precision.

After one of Yalo’s investment funds mentioned Accountfy, Nabeiro researched the company and recognized the benefits that the platform could generate for the business. As they have several investors, Nabeiro needs to report to them in a clear and regular way about the startup’s financial performance, in addition to being prepared to answer questions based on numbers and projections.


How to centralize information easily and reliably on a single platform

There is no startup without dynamism and it is only possible to respond adequately to the constant changes in the market with a panoramic and reliable management view of the data, not only financial, but also of the company’s overall sustainability. Thinking about this need, Nabeiro chose Accountfy, in order to have at the touch of his fingers a robust platform that would allow independence and autonomy for analysis and decision making, in addition to the reliability in the quality of the information contained therein.

I trust Accountfy to keep track of my results... I use it like a BI (business intelligence) platform as well."
Lucas Nabeiro – CFO at Yalo

In Nabeiro’s words, “today, Accountfy is LIFE!” With a lean structure, he himself is responsible for managing Yalo’s financial information. Utilizing Accountfy’s resources helped to optimize his routine and make profound improvements in the company’s security.

Before, checking the information from the accounting for accuracy used to take an entire day. Now, Nabeiro only spends about an hour reviewing the information with Accountfy, which automatically detects possible inconsistencies and highlights out their origin when they occur. He states that using the platform makes it easy to be ready to answer any questions that arise from his board or investors.

Nabeiro underscores his confidence in the platform, saying: “With Accountfy, I not only started to have more time for data analysis, but I also started to perform the analysis in less time.” This is because Accountfy’s dashboards offer tailored options and customizable charts, giving him a clearer view of the company’s financial data.

“The month ended, I uploaded my balance sheet, checked if it is right ... it's ready. [Accountfy] helps a lot and eliminates a lot of time.”
Lucas Nabeiro – CFO at Yalo

Reporting to investors just got easier

Where Nabeiro once relied on a myriad of resources and spreadsheets, with Accountfy he now uses a platform that integrates all Yalo’s financial information, including personalized indicators and changes in managerial cash flow, in addition to analysis by financial accounts or centers of cost.

With this unification of information and analysis, along with all of Accountfy’s other handy features, producing the company’s reports for investors has become a quick, painless, practical process – all without sacrificing any of the robustness of information Nabeiro needs.

Nabeiro sees even more potential in working with Accountfy, expecting a future of evolution in the platform and anticipating the many benefits it will bring to his company, making this partnership even more essential for Yalo’s day-to-day financial operations.

“And [with] the fact that you can even share the presentation with an investor, or even with the board, your job is very easy.”
Lucas Nabeiro – CFO at Yalo

Nabeiro sees even more potential in Accountfy, glimpsing the future evolution of the platform and the benefits it will bring to his routine, making this partnership even more complete and essential for Yalo’s day-to-day financial operations.

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