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Data Terms

Updated on July 4, 2024.

By clicking the “Submit Information” button, I authorize the sharing of the data of the company I represent with Banco Itaú (CNPJ No. 60.701.190/0001-04) and declare that:

a) I am legally competent and have sufficient and necessary powers and authorizations to authorize the sending of information to Banco Itaú as provided above, taking responsibility before Accountfy and Banco Itaú for the truthfulness and completeness of this declaration;

b) I am aware that this authorization is specific and that the sending of information will be restricted to the chosen period and to the income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet of the selected company, and therefore, new periods will only be made available upon a new request to be authorized by the client directly on the Accountfy Platform;

c) I am aware that Accountfy will store my IP, keeping a log of accesses to the Platform, as well as the date and time of authorization for data sharing with Banco Itaú;

d) I am aware that it will not be possible to cancel or interrupt the sending of information after the sharing with Banco Itaú has started;

e) I consent that Banco Itaú accesses the shared data, which – after being sent by Accountfy – will be processed according to Banco Itaú’s respective policies, terms, and conditions;

f) I declare that I am aware that, after sharing, it will be exclusively up to Banco Itaú to provide any feedback on the received information and to promote new interactions with my company through its respective contact channels;

g) I understand that Accountfy has no responsibility for the services or products that may be offered by Banco Itaú (or its affiliates and partners), including in relation to their availability, essential characteristics, prices, payment methods, or any other elements related to them;

h) I am aware that the sharing of data is necessary so that Banco Itaú can offer products, services, and conditions aligned with the profile and needs of my business, such as accounts, credit cards, payments, insurance, investments, credit, card machines, exchange, pensions, and many other options of products and services from Itaú companies or their affiliates;

i) I understand that Banco Itaú may also use the data for other purposes or based on other legal hypotheses, such as for registration purposes; fraud prevention; credit analysis, provision of services and products, compliance with legal and regulatory obligations, including those related to Open Finance; as well as the creation and improvement of services, processes, and products of Itaú companies and brands.

Data sharing between Accountfy and Itaú BBA is carried out automatically, quickly, free of charge, and securely, according to strict security protocols defined by Banco Itaú.

By sharing, some facilities, conditions, and product and service offers may be made available to the company.

The existence of the data-sharing button does not imply any endorsement or sponsorship relationship between Accountfy and Banco Itaú.

From the moment the information is sent to Banco Itaú, you will be subject to other terms of use and other privacy policies.

From the moment the data is sent, Banco Itaú assumes responsibility for the confidentiality of the information and for the products and services that may be provided to your company.

Accountfy’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are not valid on third-party sites and applications.

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