New concept in SaaS platform with integrated solutions for various journeys. We enhance the work of Accounting, Controllership, Treasury, FP&A and the CFO.

Your financial management in one place

Customize it your way with integrated solutions for each journey.

We understand that each company has its own particularities. And our solutions and products are independent and you can combine them in any way you think is best, according to the interests and strategies in your area.


Your company’s financial compass deserves a digital transformation with process automation, data optimization and sustainable growth.


With technology and innovation, the area of ​​financial planning and analysis can make more informed and safer decisions, based on reliable data.


Successful strategic decisions depend on good management of your business’s cash flow and highly effective financial management.


Everything generated is consolidated in a single work environment to streamline the management and governance routine.

Insights & Intelligence

The unification of different databases, with filtering and detailed analysis, allows for high-value deliveries.

Connectivity & Data

When financial data comes together with operational data, your management reaches another level.
Conectividade & Dados

Trusted by more than 350 companies in 10 countries

And with excellent recommendation on the world's leading assessment site and software selection

The best decision!

At Accountfy, our team of Directors were able to have centralized access to the financial performance of their own unit, enabling deeper analysis of the business and assisting in route corrections to achieve flights taller. From the first meeting, to implementation, we were sure it was the right decision. Accountfy's CX and CS team is amazing. Hats off to them!

Controller, Brasil


Comprehensive and efficient with intuitive interface

Phas features and the ability to offer real-time financial information, simplifies the accounting process and helps make informed decisions. Integration with other tools and team collaboration are also strong points. Overall, Accountfy helps improve financial management and achieve greater operational efficiency.

Financial manager



Good experience, we always use it and have great results. We would like to explore more tools within the Platform. The ease of importing information and modeling it the way we want to see it is an advantage.

Financial manager

Investment Management

Agility in reporting information

The elimination of several Excel spreadsheets, and faster analysis with the import of the trial balance are important advantages. We have been using the platform for 1 year and have managed to optimize the reporting process .

Accounting Coordinator


IT Assessment

The implementation process was very effective, respecting the entire software implementation methodology and the end user training was very good. I consider the entire process of negotiation, implementation and post-go-live support to be excellent.

IT Manager

Health and wellness

Sua gestão financeira em um único lugar

Personalize do seu jeito com soluções integradas para cada jornada.

Entendemos que cada empresa possui as suas particularidades.  E nossas soluções e produtos são independentes e você pode combiná-los da maneira que achar melhor, de acordo com os interesses e as estratégias da sua área. 


A bússola financeira da sua empresa merece uma transformação digital com automatização de processos, otimização de dados e crescimento sustentável.


Com tecnologia e inovação, a área de planejamento e análise financeira consegue tomar decisões mais informadas e seguras, baseadas em dados confiáveis.


Decisões estratégicas de sucesso dependem de uma boa administração do fluxo de caixa do seu negócio e de um gerenciamento financeiro altamente eficaz.


Tudo o que for gerado é consolidado em um único ambiente de trabalho para agilizar a rotina de gestão e governança. 

A unificação de diferentes bases de dados, com filtragem e detalhamento de análises, permitem entregas de alto valor.

Conectividade & Dados

Quando dados financeiros se juntam com dados operacionais, a sua gestão alcança outro patamar.

Make faster decisions with Accountfy

Rely on the support of specialists who understand the challenges of a finance department and discover an immersive service that will take your company to the next level.

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See the main questions about our platform

What is Accountfy?

We are the Accountfy Platform, an All-in-One SaaS application focused on companies of different sizes, mainly medium and large.

Por meio das nossas Soluções, entregamos inteligência financeira e otimizamos a gestão das empresas, proporcionando jornadas mais eficientes e integradas. Potencializamos o trabalho de Contabilidade, Controladoria, Tesouraria, FP&A e do CFO. Também temos um Programa para Startups e Fundos de Investimentos.

Is Accountfy an ERP?

No. ERP is software to assist in the operation of your business and through it, you control payments, can issue invoices and have visibility over the company’s inputs and outputs.

The Accountfy Platform uses accounting data generated by the ERP (Balance Sheet or General Ledger) to generate strategic management information and help in the decision-making process with a 360º view of the results – with agility and confidence. We are complementary to ERP.

What is the price to hire Accountfy?

The investment varies depending on the sector, size, number of CNPJs and the company’s management structure and other factors that can be evaluated by a specialist.

What solutions does the platform offer?

With our platform you have six major solutions: Controllership, FP&A, Treasury (TMS), Workplace, Insights & Intelligence and Connectivity & Data. These solutions have several integrated products that will take your financial management to another level.

What type of companies do you serve?

We offer solutions for companies of all segments and sizes, from startups to large companies, as well as financial consultancies and investment funds.

Where do I access Accountfy?

As it is a SaaS platform, you just need to have internet to access it via your computer, tablet or cell phone browser, at

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