Learn how Dotz managed to communicate its financial data efficiently and mitigate errors and risks.

This success story is shared by William Abreu, the project leader and controller at Dotz, one of the leading companies in the loyalty market in Brazil.

Saiba como a Dotz conseguiu comunicar seus dados financeiros de maneira eficiente e mitigar erros e riscos

Dotz (DOTZ3)  is a comprehensive benefits platform with over 20 years of history and more than 50 million registered customers. It offers innovation, data, loyalty, marketplace, and financial products in one ecosystem.

As a large company, one of the main challenges faced by the finance department was data consolidation, which was a significant pain point for the company.

Before and After Accountfy

Before partnering with Accountfy, William Abreu explained that Dotz conducted the entire consolidation process in Excel. With many spreadsheets interacting with the SAP Business One ERP, the level of repetition was extremely exhausting, involving a high volume of manual work and validations, along with the risk of human errors and communication noise.

With the company’s IPO in 2021, the need for renewal increased. In 2022, the finance team realized it was the right time to seek a solution, starting their digital transformation journey.

“When the platform was presented to me, I was immediately captivated. Having a partner that delivers a digital solution for everything we manually executed, with easy integration with our ERP, made total sense.”

William Abreu – Controller at Dotz

Case de Sucesso - Dotz

We used to spend 4 to 5 hours creating a consolidation file and performing all validations. Today, with Accountfy, we input all data within minutes”.

William Abreu
Controller at Dotz

Beyond Numbers, Results

After integrating with the Accountfy platform, information that was previously difficult to consolidate is now easily accessible with just one click and available online for those who need to make strategic decisions, such as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

William highlights the user-friendliness of the platform, from standard demonstrations to dashboards, and the speed of ERP integration. Additionally, the platform’s intuitive nature allows for autonomy, enabling users to navigate independently without relying on other departments.

Daily Impact

Understanding internally that the platform allows for more analytical time and less data entry time, other areas of Dotz adopted Accountfy, beyond the Controller department. Treasury and Planning are already evolving with its use. The goal is to start conducting the entire budget and forecast process within Accountfy by 2025.

In the company’s daily routine, data updates are constant, primarily for tracking results due to the speed of data integration.

Case de Sucesso - Dotz
Case de Sucesso - Dotz

Top Rating for the Platform

The overall assessment is that the platform helps mitigate risks, offers much more agility in processes, and meets all the financial department’s needs at Dotz, not only for those who need company consolidation but also for those who track individual results. All of this is done practically and quickly.

I give a 10 to Accountfy. The platform meets 100% of my needs, and I consider it extremely useful. It’s an investment that truly pays off!, William concludes.

Want to do like Dotz?

Do you want to have a platform with integrated solutions for various stages of your financial journey through independent products that meet your needs and objectives?

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