The challenge to consolidate portfolios of invested companies

With high accounting demand due to the need to meet deadlines and present reliable data, the growth of Primatec's portfolio came accompanied with the challenge of keeping all information organized and easily accessible for making strategic decisions concerning the investees’ development.

“Accountfy’s primary added-value use comprises consolidating the portfolio of 15 investees, presenting a consistent result that is reviewed under the same criteria.”

Robert Binder CEO, Antera. Fund Manager, Primatec

The challenge

Investees face different challenges than companies in other corporate backgrounds. As an investment fund, Primatec’s challenge was to transform accounting into a management tool and not just a record.

Accountify provided a unique experience by facilitating and centralizing the accounting evolution of their portfolio in a single place.

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Modern accounting process and solid data reliability

After their transformation into corporations, Primatec’s investees require said corporations to be committed to governance, demanding even more work from Accounting. They must present reliable data, always respecting the filing deadlines, which also requires discipline. This made them adopt a different policy, placing accounting as an essential element in their transactions.

Thus, Primatec found a tool in Accountfy that facilitates the monthly consolidation of balance sheets, cash flows, and results using an accurate, unique format.

"Accountfy’s professionals’ knowledge of accounting is a great asset and contributes to more reliable reviews"

Gabriel Tarnopolsky Primatec intern and responsible for maintaining the data collection routine with fund companies

Collaborative, complete, and intuitive vision

Through Accountify, investees upload their accounting data, and can unify, review and prepare reports quickly, with more consistent information.

Our platform also allows the fund to create specific charts of accounts for accounting consolidation. The platform automatically converts plans from ERPs or spreadsheets to the standard chart of accounts, streamlining the operation. In addition, the reporting and dashboard modules are quite important, particularly concerning the communication with investors.

Thus, clients can have concrete and precise reviews, in a sound and intuitive way, and relate them in the same consolidated view, optimizing decision-making and facilitating the tracking of the growth not only of each company, but of the Fund as a whole.

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Want to do like Primatec?

Streamline the management of your portfolio's accounting data.
With our platform, you have a consolidated view of the fund’s progress and its investees, organized and centralized in a single place.

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