How Info Store transformed your decision-making with the Integrated Management by Accountfy

Info Store, a leader in the technology sector, faced and overcame significant challenges in its data management by adopting Integrated Management by Accountfy, the result of the partnership Itaú BBA and Accountfy.

Info Store

The interview with Thiago Montenegro, Data and Statistics Coordinator responsible for choosing and implementing our product in the company, highlights the notable transformation in the way the company manages and analyzes its accounting information, in addition to the entire impact generated.

The biggest challenge the Info Store faced was compiling information that was scattered. Each sector had specific information in different places, complicating the search for information and resulting in a lack of reliability and agility.

In short, the crucial need was to create a single environment that integrated tax, accounting and financial data to ensure a more accurate view of the company’s numbers and performance.

Integrated Management by Accountfy

The choice of platform was motivated by an invitation from Itaú BBA. It was through its relationship with the Itaú team that Info Store learned about Integrated Management by Accountfy, which presented a proposal perfectly aligned with the company’s specific needs.

According to Thiago, the implementation of the platform provided effective centralization of information, resulting in a significant increase in productivity and agility in checking numbers.

Furthermore, the ability to internally audit and generate reports for the board contributed to more informed and assertive decision-making, tending to the company’s specific needs and promoting trust and transparency in the reports presented.

Resources such as Financial Statements, Financial Modeling and Automated Dashboards were also highlighted by Thiago as crucial in this transformation.

The ability to easily analyze consolidated numbers and branches, along with the creation of personalized workflows, allowed the Info Store team to be more agile and transparent in their reports to directors, banks and suppliers.

Another point highlighted as an advantage of adopting the platform was information security, providing confidence to publish business data without the risk of leaks.

The company’s dedicated specialized support and general ease of control were also essential factors that differentiated the solution in relation to competitors.

Furthermore, the overall implementation and integration experience was positively evaluated by Thiago, who highlighted training, data import and customizations carried out since the beginning from design to the operation phase.

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