How Smart CFO leveraged results with the Accountfy partnership

With the aim of improving its operations, Smart CFO decided to reconsider the use of Accountfy, a financial management platform with great potential to face its challenges.

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In the dynamic field of financial management, Smart CFO, a Chilean financial services company, faced challenges common in the industry. Despite being driven by technology, Smart CFO dealt with inefficiencies generated by some manual processes in preparing financial statements, communication gaps with clients and the need for more detailed presentations during client meetings .

Seeking to optimize its operations, Smart CFO reconsidered Accountfy, a financial management platform that seemed promising to address its challenges. The partnership between Smart CFO and Accountfy proved to be transformative, generating significant changes in its financial management processes.

Conheça a história de parceria

The journey in search of partners

Gabriel, CEO of Smart CFO, shared insights into the transformative journey. He highlighted: “We have made a lot of efforts in recent years to introduce technology into our processes in order to be faster and more accurate in what we deliver to our customers.”

The implementation process involved an extensive two-month effort to understand and integrate Accountfy into their operations. Despite initial challenges, which included language barriers and adapting to new processes, the support from the Accountfy team was crucial in overcoming obstacles.

The results were remarkable. Monthly financial statement preparation time per client has been drastically reduced from 1.5 hours to an impressive 5 minutes. In Gabriel’s words, “Today, this process, thanks to you, we can do in about five minutes”.

Driven by success, Smart CFO explored new opportunities to enhance its service and business by becoming Accountfy’s distribution partner. Valeria, CRO at Smart CFO, shared: “Being a distribution partner in Chile is in some way interesting for us, as it provides us with opportunities for new lines of business and also the chance to have a better technological ecosystem in relation to platforms, with the objective of optimizing and improving our service.”

Uma parceria de sucesso

A successful partnership

Looking ahead, Smart CFO envisions expanding its collaboration with Accountfy, exploring avenues such as API integrations with other platforms. This progressive approach aligns with Smart CFO’s commitment to staying at the forefront of financial technology.

Valeria, CRO at Smart CFO, highly recommends using Accountfy for companies operating in the financial management space. Recognizing the power of collaboration, Valeria emphasizes: “I am a big admirer of collaboration and complementary integration with partners, rather than competition. The important thing is to offer the best customer service.”

In conclusion, the partnership between Smart CFO and Accountfy exemplifies how the adoption of technological solutions can revolutionize financial management. Through streamlined processes, improved communication and a commitment to continuous improvement, Smart CFO has successfully navigated the challenges of the financial landscape, setting a benchmark for others to follow. The collaboration has not only improved internal efficiencies but also opened up new opportunities for growth and innovation in the ever-changing financial services sector.

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