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The ongoing monitoring of finances and procedures optimization in an environment of accelerated growth such as a startup is critical. This was no different with GeekHunter, which gained more time and confidence to build its expansion plans by automating their manual tasks.

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“Faced with continuous changes, the company could no longer spend several hours preparing and adjusting budgets. At Accountfy, we can track expenses and quickly assess the need to allocate more or less resources.”

Debora Meneguete Finance Coordinator, GeekHunter

The challenge

GeekHunter was challenged to prepare management reports, income statements, earnings releases and budget control in a more streamlined way, with no room for accidental errors and ensuring accurate figures.

Accountfy provided an streamlined method for creating and adjusting these procedures, with speed and agility to keep up with the volatile scenario of startups and their demand for quick responses.

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Need for planning more agile budget

With our platform, GeekHunter can evaluate budget profitability by monitoring period expenditures without data distorted by operational errors. GeekHunter can prepare reports with clear and complete information in a quick and organized way. All this saves hours of work through the collaborative management of our platform.

Debora Meneguete, Financial Coordinator, said that the team used to prepare all the reports in spreadsheets and, in the end, they still missed certain information.

In the old system, they generated a spreadsheet per sector so that the manager could monitor results. Now, with the help of our platform, the work to produce the spreadsheets has been reduced, and they just need to grant access to each spreadsheet.

"Before, we made all our reports with spreadsheets and, in the end, we missed certain information. We wondered how we could integrate more details into them, and Accountfy was the right answer for that."

Andrea Santoro Financial Analyst at GeekHunter

No more data unreliability in Income Statements

GeekHunter intends to expand to the United States and Canada, and Accountfy joins them as a key tool.

According to Debora, the company already uses automatic currency conversion in the Income Statements. In addition, with new units spread across the continent, the operational part increases, which requires greater security of the data that will be disclosed to stakeholders and also during the figures’ unification and work.

With Accountfy, the entire accounting process can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business, making information accessible to everyone involved.

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Do you want to be like GeekHunter?

Streamline your accounting process with agile and collaborative methodology.
With our platform, you automate manual tasks and ensure concise data, gaining more time for strategic analysis.

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