How Accountfy boosted decision-making on the BRASAS English Course

The success story is told by Bruno, one of the executives of this prestigious network of language schools and leader of the project, who highlights how Accountfy boosted the company's financial management and data-based decision making.

Brasas - English Course

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BRASAS English Course, a renowned and traditional English teaching institution in Brazil, with almost 60 years of operation, saw its financial management revolutionized by Accountfy.

When Bruno joined the organization in 2018, his mission was clear: to restructure the company’s financial area. Initially, processes were fragmented, and information was decentralized in spreadsheets. The lack of a single reliable source of data made it difficult for the management team to understand network performance.

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Identifying the Need for Data Centralization

The need to share financial data with the directors of each operating unit became evident. The challenge was to centralize the information and ensure that it was easily accessible and understandable for principals who, for the most part, came from classrooms and had no experience in financial management.

The game changer occurred when Bruno had contact with Accountfy, introduced by a former student of the course. He realized the importance of centralizing and managing access to financial data. Seeing that the platform offers not only centralization, but also a friendly interface for directors, making access and interpretation of data more accessible, he contacted our team.

Implementing Accountfy involved significant effort. The team needed to review and organize financial data, adapt to the software, and learn how to use it effectively. Accounting also had to adapt to the new reality. Despite the initial challenges, the support from the Accountfy team was essential to overcome them.

Cultural Change and Financial Education

In addition to centralizing data, the implementation of Accountfy allowed for a cultural change in the company. Directors began to take an interest in financial issues, understanding how their decisions affected the financial result. The finance team was able to share relevant information, such as income statements and balance sheets, making directors more aware of the impact of their decisions. The level of detail in this information also gave the team strategic clarity, in addition to making it possible to understand a certain expense, certain movement and seasonality.

Bruno highlights the intangible value of having access to reliable information and making decisions based on solid data. The company managed to improve the process of delivering results, monitoring and strategic planning.

Amidst the current challenges, a new avenue of growth stands out that has gained strategic relevance for BRASAS: BRASAS Online. In line with current demands, the institution is directing efforts to expand its digital presence and offer an educational experience, with the BRASAS method, that is even more accessible and effective. BRASAS Online represents not only a response to the transformations in the educational scenario, but also a strategy to conquer new avenues of growth.

With BRASAS Online, BRASAS realized the need to implement the split for the payment of commissions to on-site units. This measure aimed to ensure that the results accurately reflected the participation of on-site units in student revenue in the digital environment. In an integrated approach, the institution sought to improve financial efficiency and planning, which reinforces BRASAS’ commitment to aligning its growth trajectory with excellence and transparency.

Partnership that worked

Bruno and his company’s success story illustrates how the partnership with Accountfy brought a significant transformation in the organization’s financial management and culture. Centralization and access to financial data has opened doors to more informed decision-making and better operational performance.

Transformation and Benefits

With the implementation, Intelli’s financial team now has a tool capable of consolidating all the necessary information in a practical and efficient way. The platform allows you to work with different types of graphs, demonstrations and explanatory notes in a single place. Furthermore, our Customer Success team provided continuous support during the adaptation and implementation process, contributing to the efficiency of the team’s work.

Accountfy’s technology brought a significant transformation to the team’s daily life. The process of building and verifying the numbers, which used to take up to a day and a half, is now accomplished in just a few minutes. Staff can simply upload a file and get all reports ready in a matter of minutes, saving valuable time and effort.

Leandro also highlights that, without Accountfy, it would be necessary to hire at least two new highly experienced professionals with advanced technical knowledge to guarantee the same quality and agility in the closing process. Considering all the costs related to the growth of the internal structure, the platform provided savings by allowing the team to stay lean.

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