Understand how Intelli streamlined and optimized its accounting processes with efficiency and robustness

Leandro, Director Financiero de la empresa, cuenta cómo Accountfy ayudó a agilizar la elaboración de informes contables y la consolidación de la información financiera sin depender de hojas de cálculo.

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About Intelli

Operating in the energy segment since 1973, Intelli is one of the main manufacturers of aluminum conductors in Brazil and a global reference in bimetallic conductors, having received several awards and certifications from specialized bodies.

Its portfolio includes the production of terminals, splicing sleeves, connectors, grounding rods for various electrical energy systems, in addition to the manufacture of copper-plated steel telephone wires and bimetallic wires/cables.In total, its industrial park It has 343,000 m², 256,000 m² in Orlândia/SP, 42,000 m² in Campinas/SP and 45,000 m² in Três Lagoas/MS.

Sobre a Intelli

The context

Intelli’s finance team faced a significant challenge. The company’s internal accounting system andreliance on spreadsheets made preparing accounting reports and consolidating financial information a complex and time-consuming process.Aware of this limitation, the company decided to look for a solution that offered reports managerial and parameterized accounting, aiming to optimize time and increase the team’s efficiency.

The challenge

In the dynamic sector of the energy industry, where diverse projects such as the implementation of solar parks, photovoltaic and wind energy, energy distribution and transmission are common, the demand for fast, accurate and reliable information was high. The Intelli team needed to deal with the pressure of obtaining increasingly faster, validated and reliable information. However, the information received was often inaccurate or unreliable, hampering the decision-making process. Additionally, the team was spending precious time reviewing formulas and performing rote tasks rather than analyzing data.

A Implantação

The implantation

The choice of Accountfy as a solution was based not only on its ability to serve large companies, but also on its ease of use, robustness and readiness for immediate use, without the need to wait for developments futures.

During implementation, Intelli’s internal ERP needed to be adapted to properly export data to the platform. Although there was a period of adaptation during implementation, Leandro had a medium and long-term vision and understood that the initial adaptation effort would bring significant benefits over time.

Transformation and Benefits

With the implementation, Intelli’s financial team now has a tool capable of consolidating all the necessary information in a practical and efficient way. The platform allows you to work with different types of graphs, demonstrations and explanatory notes in a single place. Furthermore, our Customer Success team provided continuous support during the adaptation and implementation process, contributing to the efficiency of the team’s work.

Accountfy’s technology brought a significant transformation to the team’s daily life. The process of building and verifying the numbers, which used to take up to a day and a half, is now accomplished in just a few minutes. Staff can simply upload a file and get all reports ready in a matter of minutes, saving valuable time and effort.

Leandro also highlights that, without Accountfy, it would be necessary to hire at least two new highly experienced professionals with advanced technical knowledge to guarantee the same quality and agility in the closing process. Considering all the costs related to the growth of the internal structure, the platform provided savings by allowing the team to stay lean.

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